Sunday, September 28, 2008


So, two months late, I finally announce that the Garden has moved.

As of July 28, we are happy denizens of Western North Carolina. We left the NJ crop behind, but immediately inherited a (limited) new one of tomatoes, herbs and green beans. The neighborhood is flush with crabapples and heirloom fruit trees of all sorts; I even heard a rumor about a quince tree, but never found it. All the respectable houses have lavender and rosemary hedges, and so far I've canned applesauce, vegetable soup, pesto. Some of the last summer peppers from Greenback (thx, parental units!) are finishing drying in the oven as I type. Those'll look nice strung over the kitchen window, diminishing in number with each midwinter crock of chili.

Of all the places I've lived, farmer's markets here are unmatched. It's full fall-food time, and the winter squashes are in full effect. I may can some pumpkin and dry some apples (when the dehydrator is set right again), and the pears are aaaaalmost sweet enough to pick. I've found a pretty delicious-looking recipe for pumpkin risotto, and with friends actually nearby, that will probably join many pear crumbles and local brews for great nights around the table.

Living a couple of blocks from downtown has its advantages! Walking to work is a normal part of the day, finally, and we're getting to know all the dogs that drag their people over to say hi to Emmitt. Dancing again is so refreshing, and my body's slowly forgetting that I spent a year sitting in an office behind a computer when I wasn't crammed into the seat of a car. Joy! Not to mention that working with a partner affords leaps forward in knowing myself and chipping away at an "Eva" style. Thanks, Ben!!

Just a quick overview. Much more to come.